Terranova-MRI: Earth’s Field MRI Teaching System


The complete Terranova-MRI teaching system.
Terranova-MRI is the ideal system for hands-on NMR and MRI learning. The Terranova-MRI uses the Earth’s magnetic field as the primary field for an MRI imaging system that is affordable, compact, lightweight and safe.

The Terranova-MRI is a complete “lab course in a box,” including the spectrometer, probe, phantom samples, user manuals, software, and an excellent student guide with a full set of experiments.

Teaching modern pulsed NMR & MRI techniques is easy with the Terranova-MRI teaching system. Terranova can do MRI experiments such as Spin-Warp/Spin-Echo (SE) Imaging, Gradient Echo (GE) Imaging and Filtered Back Projection (FBP) Imaging. The system also comes with a wide range of standard NMR experiments including T1, T2, spin echo, and pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE).

Portability is important in modern laboratories where space is at a premium. The whole system weighs less than 15 kg, and fits in a cupboard when not used. Terranova-MRI is low-cost to purchase, and as no cryogenic liquids are required, is low-cost to operate.

For an immediate look at how the Terranova-MRI can be used to demonstrate the fundamentals of NMR and MRI, take a look at the excellent online video series “Introductory NMR & MRI” by?Paul Callaghan. This video series is also available from Magritek on a free DVD.

6tubes_0Full 3D MRI Imaging is made possible with the built-in 3-axis imaging gradients.

A fourth pulsed magnetic field gradient coil allows measurement of molecular diffusion coefficients in diffusion experiments to help the student understand the important role of magnetic field gradients in modern NMR and MRI research.

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